Edu-Tech Licensing Partners

SPUTNIX, the company ranked 6th in the “Fast Growing” category and 10th in the “Most Innovative” category among all Russian high-tech companies according to the TechUspech annual rating.
The first company to launch a private Russian satellite in 2014.
One of the “5 Russian Space Companies that could one day compete with SpaceX” (Source: Russia Beyond, 2019)

Education Collaboration Partners
USM-Apex usm-uni

Established as the second university in the country in 1969, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was first known as Universiti Pulau Pinang.

As a Research Intensive University recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) in 2007, USM offers educational and research opportunities to students and staff. In 2008, USM also became the first university in the country to be selected by the Malaysian government to participate in the Accelerated Programme for Excellence (APEX), a fast-track programme that helps tertiary institutions achieve world-class status.

Financing Partners
greenpro nasdaq

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Greenpro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:GRNQ) (a NASDAQ listed Nevada corporation) with strategic offices across Asia, is a business incubator with a diversified business portfolio comprising finance, technology, banking, CryptoSX, a licensed crypto exchange for Securitized Token Offerings "STO's", health and wellness and fine art.s

seatech otcmarkets

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SEATech Ventures Corp. (OTC PINK:SEAV) (a OTC listed Nevada corporation) aspires to nurture and incubate emerging growth technology companies in South East Asia that aim to become tomorrow's Asia unicorns.