KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2022 / ANGKASA-X Holdings Corp. proudly announces that the company has filed an F1 Registration Statement to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission ("US SEC").


ANGKASA-X has been an International Telecommunication Union ("ITU") member since August 2021 and we have filed for Advance Publication Information ("API") approval for the UHF Band and X-Band frequencies since September 2022 with ITU. Our application for Network Facilities Providers ("NFP") and Network Service Providers ("NSP") licences that authorizes us to operate the satellite ground station has been approved on October 20, 2022 by the Malaysia regulator, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ("MCMC"). These licenses enable ANGKASA-X to operate our Satellite-as-a-Service ("SaaS") business model.


CEO Dr. Seah said, "We are extremely excited to achieve this significant milestone after investing in and securing the required licenses and approval to rollout our innovative SaaS business model. This is the beginning of a very exciting journey for us as ANGKASA-X envisions to provide affordable connectivity for nation building and towards the betterment of mankind".

ANGKASA-X's vision and progress has also earned a number of global recognitions through the recent awards of "McMillan Woods Global Awards 2022 - Pioneer in LEO Satellite R&D Excellence" by the McMillan Woods Global; "50 Innovators of the Year 2022" by the renowned CIO Bulletin Inc; and "Most Innovative Satellite Research and Development Company - Malaysia" by Acquisition International (or AI), an international monthly digital business magazine.




Angkasa-X Holdings Corp.

Dr Sean Seah, Chief Executive Officer

Dr William Lim, Chief Financial Officer

Email: [email protected]


ANGKASA-X, a multi awards winning global company, is a Technological-social Inclusion Company with a vision of creating a world where connectivity is a basic, affordable necessity for the betterment of mankind. It consists of a group of companies investing in research & development, IP creation, components sourcing, assembly, integration & testing (AIT), launching and maintaining state-of-the-art Low-Earth-Orbit ("LEO") satellites. Our mission is to provide various satellite connectivity and services to the countries in ASEAN and establish ASEAN Space Economy via the formation of two LEO satellites constellations namely A-SEANLINK and A-SEANSAT, with the end goal of eradicating poverty and improving living standards, especially for those living in the remote rural areas.

ANGKASA-X's vision is in-line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs") Goal 1: No Poverty; Goal 4: Quality Education; Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth; Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; and Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

ANGKASA-X aims to level the playing field by providing the opportunity for better access to internet connectivity by offering Satellite-as-a-Service ("SAAS") to our clients such as telecommunications, government, Internet-service-providers and network companies, which in turn could offer satellite package services to end users and their subscribers.

ANGKASA-X is an official member of the International Communication Union ("ITU"), a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for many matters related to information and communication technologies. ANGKASA-X is also a registered holder of Network Service Provider ("NSP") and Network Facilities Provider ("NFP") licenses from the Malaysian regulator, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ("MCMC").

For more information on the company, please visit http://www.angkasa-x.com .

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