KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2021 / Angkasa-X announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Brunei's HallBru Tech, supported and facilitated by Brunei Darussalam BIMP-EAGA Business Council (https://bimp-eaga.asia/), in developing the ASEAN Space Economy by forming strategic partnerships to accelerate transformation to grow the digital economy especially for communities in the rural areas with the aim to improve their standard of living, eradicate poverty and therefore achieve social inclusion for all citizens. BIMP-EAGA, established in 1994 is a sub-regional economic cooperation designed to spur economic development in the lagging sub-economies. It was designed to assist the remote and less developed areas in the four participating Southeast Asian countries. BIMP-EAGA has been instrumental, via the BIMP-EAGA Business Council, in promoting private sector participation in joint campaigns to achieve the objective of economic development in the region.

This MOU summarizes the mutual interest in forming working partnerships to promote satellite connectivity services and to achieve a Satellite Connected Borneo Island through the Angkasa-X's low earth orbit ASEAN-AIS and ASEAN-LINK satellites constellations, and therefore accelerate the development of the BIMP-EAGA halal economy ecosystem that includes related e-commerce systems, halal integrity tracking, halal certification & verification system and Islamic finance.

Hallbru Tech Managing Director Maj (ret) Dr. Haji Muhd Nirwan Bin Hj Muhd said: "Hallbru Tech is continuing its information communication innovation by partnering with Angkasa-X and BIMP-EAGA Business Council as a facilitator to literally connect the sky to the land. By bridging ground based wireless connectivity with satellite connectivity from Angkasa-X, we have an opportunity to extend the internet connectivity at an optimised cost to rural communities and the remote areas of the BIMP-EAGA region. With our collective experience in technology and the digital economy, it is vital to identify the next wave of technology and the right investment partner to achieve exponential progress and growth. We see Angkasa-X as a vital element in the evolution of an optimised and conducive info-communication ecosystem including the right contents and apps that can benefit the region holistically towards industry 4.0, particularly in the areas of halal logistics and halal economy."

BIMP-EAGA Business Council shall provide the population and geographical statistics of the remote rural area that currently lacks internet connectivity infrastructure. It will also consult and recommend Angkasa-X satellite services to the respective government agencies and the relevant business councils in the four member countries; Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The Chairman of Brunei Darussalam BIMP-EAGA Business Council, Pengiran Haji Haris Bin Pengiran Haji Duraman said: "we hope that the Memorandum of Understanding will benefit the socio-economic development in the BIMP-EAGA countries and the region as a whole. Brunei Darussalam BIMP-EAGA Business Council will be playing an important role to facilitate the requirements of the memorandum and to see through that the series of bilateral and multilateral agreements for greater opportunities between BIMP-EAGA businesses and partners will be established."

Dr. Benny YEO, the Secretary of Communication & Media of Brunei Darussalam BIMP-EAGA Business Council and the president of a digital catalog management platform, catTHIS Holdings Corp added: "we will collaborate with Angkasa-X to accelerate the development of the Space Economy in the BIMP-EAGA region."

Angkasa-X Chairman and CEO Dr. Sean SEAH said: "we are delighted to collaborate with Hallbru Tech and the Brunei Darussalam BIMP-EAGA Business Council to provide Angkasa-X satellite services to the rural communities in the remote areas of the BIMP-EAGA region. Angkasa-X offers satellite services to provision Internet-connectivity, navigational & logistics tracking, edge datacentres in rural areas, Internet-of-Things services for rural agricultural, satellite imagery, geographical & environmental monitoring and others. We will also offer professional courses on satellite engineering to up-skill and build the next generation of talent pool in the ASEAN region. This collaboration is a giant step forward in developing the ASEAN Space Economy, starting from the setting up of the Satellite Connected Borneo Island."

With the support of our incubator and strategic equity partners Greenpro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: GRNQ) and SEATech Ventures Corp. (OTC PINK: SEAV), Angkasa-X plans to IPO in the U.S. capital markets in the coming months.


Dr. SEAH Kok Wah, Chief Executive Officer, Director

Email: [email protected]

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