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A new race is on. Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are igniting the new space race. An estimated combined of over 70,000 LEO satellites are launching into space in the next 10 years, mainly by the technological advanced countries. As countries across the globe are aggressively making plans to launch their satellites forming many satellites constellations, it’s time for Malaysia and ASEAN to make our move very urgently!

Angkasa-X, founded by a group of Malaysians, is committed to invest in R&D and launch our LEO satellites to setup an A-SEANLINK Satellite Constellation in the next 10 years. With our pool of local talents and expertise from our global technology collaborators, we will focus on R&D and AIT (Assembly-Integration-Testing) in order to lower our satellite engineering cost and develop our own intellectual properties – to protect our national security as we can regulate and secure our satellite-connectivity which is the backbone for the future 6G rollout.

The opportunities for the new space economy are maturing drastically with the involvement of entrepreneurs, investors, and strategic companies that are focused on innovations in satellites, rocket launches and support systems, fuelling access to space and fostering innovation.

With Angkasa-X A-SEANLINK Satellite Constellation, we will realise our vision “to create a world where internet-connectivity is a basic affordable necessity for the betterment of mankind and therefore improve the standard of living and eradicate property for Asian living the the rural areas”.