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    A Technological-Social Inclusion Company
    "Establishing ASEAN Space Economy"
  • Internet Connectivity as a Necessity
    expecially to those living in the rural areas
    Satellite Constellation

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Space Industry to
worth more than
$1 trillion by Year 2040

Estimated over
75,000 LEO communications satellites
to launch by 2030

Estimated 50%
of the Southeast Asia population
are without internet

Space satellite is the NEXT INVESTMENT frontier and Malaysia will be the launch pad for ASEAN region. The space economy is estimated to be worth a TRILLON Dollars and there’s an opportunity for everyone to take part to “CLAIM OUR SPACE NOW”

Internet Connectivity, the use of information & communication technologies impacts individuals and the community as a whole. The ACCESS to internet itself is the tool for the future.
A technological social inclusive society is important to economy, improving standard of living, education, eradicate poverty, workforce & business development, healthcare, public safety and many more.


And we’re just getting started

“We are here to Establish ASEAN Space Economy via A-SEANLINK Satellite Constellation, to create a world where internet-connectivity is affordable for Asian living in the rural areas”


We live in a digital globalisation society where we are connected via internet connectivity, but what happens when you work from remote location, cross mountains, flight or set out to sea which takes you out of reach?

Angkasa-X is committed to deliver the best available services—providing alternative solution for internet connectivity using LEO satellite technology to improve connectivity infrastructure for the people in the rural area across ASEAN and its neighbouring regions; achieved by collaborating with telecommunications companies & our global technology collaborators.


Our Services

Internet connectivity for the betterment of mankind
Explore How Angkasa-X is Turning a Potential into a Reality
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Low Earth Orbit Satellite (LEO)

Satellite As A Service (SaaS) provisioning of internet access connectivity via satellite constellations in space.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Angkasa-X vision is aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Meet Our Leaders

Founded by a group of Malaysians, began with a great vision and care about the difference they can make through technology to tap unlimited possibilities.

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Innovation & Collaborations

Committed to invest in R&D and AIT (Assembly-Integration-Testing) with our pool of local talents and expertise from our global technology collaborators.